Does Medicare supplement plan cover the dental and vision care?

Many people are often confused about the services that the Medicare supplement plans tend to offer. Some consider that they couver for all the services that aren’t covered by the Medicare plans. However, this may not hold to be valid in case of dental and vision. This is because dental and vision care requires a long-time care. Therefore, the medicare original websites have often stated that Medigap plans do not cover the eye and dental care. Also, it does not pay for the private duty nursing. Moreover, hearing aid may also be an exception.

The 2019 Medicare supplement plans usually cover the charges that aren’t covered by the original Medicare. However, it does not come the charge for dental and vision issues. There are certain plans which may not be available for purchase so it does not hold valid for those cases too. Although, your original Medicare plan would cover for the overall cost.


There are certain cases in which the Medicare plan would cover for the dental as well as visionary services


Although original Medicare will cover the cost of vision, there are certain exceptions which holds valid. It is only restricted to a certain limit. It does not pay for the routined visionary checkups and contact lens. It only pays off for the yeah eye exam, macular degeneration and glaucoma test. Even if the original Medicare program pays off for the 80%, you will need to cover for the rest 20%.


There are certain cases in which Medicare won’t pay for your dental charge such as filling, tooth extraction, dentures, and most of the dental services. But, if your dental treatment is being carried out at a hospital, the Medicare Part A will pay for it. This is because the Medicare Part A is entitled to pay for any procedure that is carried in a hospital even if the original Medicare does not cover the dental care.

Deductibles and copayments

You should be a little considerate and thoughtful about the deductibles as well as copayments. If your Medicare supplement plan has the Medicare Part B deductible and copayment included in it such as Plan F and H, the policy will cover for all the extra charges. Although there will be certain exceptions, the Medigap policies won’t completely pay for the dental and visionary charges.


If you need regular dental and vision check-up, it is better you get a private dental insurance plan or vision insurance plan.