Medicare Advantage Plans: The Different Kinds of Plans Discussed Here For You

The Medicare Advantage plans, have remained quite unchanged since the last two decades. In the year 2010 however two new plans in the names of M and N were introduced for the people. In this article, you will find information regarding these two new plans. You will also come to know about the kind of coverage that they provide you. These new plans can provide great quality alternative to the advantages that are already present in the market. Lots of changes are supposed to come in this sector. Hence these plans have already becoming popular among the people.

Plan M

The Plan M, makes use of the cost sharing method for keeping the premiums low. You will be paying a little low monthly premium, the Medicare in Part A will be spilt by half with the insurance company. The concerned insurance company will pay half the amount and you will be paying the other half. The plan M however does not cover the Part B plans even a little bit. The different analysts, have to say that this plan’s premium will be lower than that of the current plan by about 15%.

Plan N

The Plan N just like the Plan M, also makes use of the cost sharing method to reduce your premiums. Deductible sharing method is not used here rather than that, a method of copayment is undertaken here. The cost of a doctor’s visit as well as the emergency room visits are covered by this plan. Different analysts have to say that this copayment system would be lowering the premiums by about 30% in comparison to the existing Plan F. The Medicare Advantage plans for 2019, are therefore the future of medical plans for the senior citizens.

The new plans, are especially useful for those who had to come out of their regular plans by compulsion or choice. The Medicare Advantage plans, have accommodated the new plans quite seamlessly. You need to compare the merits of the new plans with your existing plans and then go for the change, if required. You need to take into account the kind of coverage being offered here. There are lots of sites on the internet which can do the detailed comparison for you. In this way it will become easier for you to decide, whether you want the new plan or not. Your zip code as well as age will determine what is best for you.