Things you need to know about Medicare Supplement Plan Door Knockers

If you haven’t attained the age of 65, you need not be worried about the Medigap door knockers. However, if you’re about to attain the age of 65, you will have to deal with. Initially, you will receive a number of mails regarding the Medicare supplement plans. But if you have something managed to get rid of them, you will get regular calls from the door knockers. This however would turn out to be very irritating and annoying. Therefore, you need to be a little considerate and learn how to manage them.

Who are Medigap Door Knockers?

The Medicare supplement plan door knockers usually refer to the agent who can visit your place any time just to sell you the plan. There are pretty much rare cases but they will always try their best to sell you off the policy. Even though you may not be sure about your requirements, these people will try their best so you can purchase the policy. These regular visits may not only be shocking but annoying as well. Also, there isn’t anything that you will get over it easily. You may receive frequent visits from the door knockers, so you need to check with them.

How should you deal with them?

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  • If a stranger forces you to buy the policies from them, you should refrain from purchasing it. Do not feel the need of being pressurized, make a move only if you feel comfortable by it.
  • Most of the Medigap agents tell you that they will be available in your area for a short time and that you won’t find them later. As a result, they will force you to purchase the policy for them. But, you should refrain from falling into this trap.
  • If the Medigap door knocker tells you make a check in their name for paying the price of premium, make sure you do not purchase one. This usually happens at the last time, so need to be a little cautious about all your dealings. It is best if you compare the prices with that of the other agents. This will help you to get hands in the best plan at an affordable rate.


Your Medicare supplement plan is an important deal for you. Make sure you purchase it from some reliable agency. If some strangers keeps on checking you regularly, you should refrain from it.